Kingdom Hearts 3 May Have Online Multiplayer

The long awaited next title in the Kingdom Hearts series is highly anticipated, as (not counting the countless spinoffs) it has been almost ten years since we went adventuring with Sora and friends.

If a job-posting on developer Square-Enix’s website is to be believed, you may be able to play with your own friends the next time you visit the world of Kingdom Hearts.

First reported by SegmentNext, a new job posting regarding the game hints at an online component in Kingdom Hearts 3. Roughly translated, it reads:

Incharge of general technical assistance (workflow construction, selection of middleware etc) in Implementing the high quality graphic expression or Kingdom Hearts III. In charge of construction duties for a shader on the game engine for nature representations (water, rain, snow etc) and special effects (magic etc) etc, constantly online games.

While this is obviously nothing but speculation at this point, what would you think of an online component in Kingdom Hearts 3? Let us know in the comment section below!

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