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How To – Become an Early Game Dark Souls 2 Hexer in 10 Minutes

A Dark Souls 2 Hexer is a very powerful spell caster. The Hex spells are very potent and take advantage of some great chime weapons that pack a punch.

Normally becoming a Dark Souls 2 Hexer takes quite a bit in your playthrough. You could rush and meet the Hex NPC, Felkin the Outcast, and buy some Hex spells. However, you wouldn’t be taking full advantage of their potency and power without first obtaining the full Hexer armor set and two powerful Dark Souls 2 Hexer weapons.

This step-by-step guide will take you just about 10 minutes to fully complete — depending on how many souls you need to buy some Hex spells — and afterwards you’ll be a full Dark Souls 2 Hexer ready to conquer the game. This can be done in your first playthrough, as long as you know where to go.

Follow the guide and instructions and you’ll quickly find yourself casting Dark Orb and Resonant Soul to obliterate foes and bosses. Here we go, the 10-minute guide to becoming an early game Dark Souls 2 Hexer.


1) Create your Dark Souls 2 Hexer

When you start the game in the Things Betwixt area, head straight through the rock clearing and continue doing so until you’ve crossed the small footbridge and entered the house. In here you’ll create your character.

For class we’ll be picking the Cleric since they begin with high Faith and make this easier to do. For gift, you must choose the Bonfire Ascetic. These can be burned at Bonfires to make an area tougher. Basically, when you burn a Bonfire Ascetic you are making an area act like it is in New Game+ mode or higher, depending on how much you burn in an area.


2) Heading into Majula

After you are done creating your character, run straight through the rest of the Things Betwixt area. You are more than welcome to come back here later and do what we are skipping.

When you enter Majula, the game’s main hub, take an immediate left and head into Maughlin the Armorer’s shop. You’ll find him sitting down on the floor. Kill him. Yep, just go right around and start whacking him to death while two-handing your mace weapon. He’ll get up and take out his weapon but you should kill him before he gets any strikes in to do damage.


Maughlin the Armorer

This is Maughlin the Armorer. Kill him.


Maughlin will drop his armor, the Tseldora set. This is very important since this armor set will increase the amount of souls you get for killing enemies. Equip this set now.

After dealing with Maughlin, go light the bonfire in Majula and talk to the Emerald Herald to receive your Estus Flask. Afterwards, head out of Majula to the right. You’ll find a doorway leading into a tunnel heading below.

Take this path and you’ll eventually go down a flight of stairs. On your left will be an alcove with a chest. Open it and receive the Crimson Parma, a pretty decent starting shield.


Look for this doorway, head into it to reach the Majula Rotunda and the stairs leading to Heide's Tower of Flame.

Look for this doorway, head into it to reach the Majula Rotunda and the stairs leading to Heide’s Tower of Flame.


3) Cheesing Heide’s Tower of Flame

When you exit the tunnel you’ll be in Heide’s Tower of Flame. Normally the enemies here are beyond a starting character, although they can be cheesed with strafing to defeat them. However, for this guide we will not be killing anything here, yet.

When you go down the first few stairs, go to your right and light the bonfire. Skip around the enemy who is following you and run by where he was standing. Head up the stairs and roll past the next enemy. Turn left after going up the next set of stairs and you’ll head into a large dome with three enemies inside. Go to the right and exit the dome. After this you’ll go down another set of stairs and you’ll be on a platform with the boss gate leading to the Dragonrider.

Now, this is where you’ll have to follow instruction very clearly due to positioning. When you enter the Dragonrider’s room, he’ll start walking towards you. Right where you enter, go slightly right until you’re close to the edge. As soon as Dragonrider is nearing the ledge, roll past him. He’ll lunge forward and fall to his death. Heh.

Here is a quick video showing you exactly how to do it from YouTube user LordBritishLP



You’ll get a Soul of the Dragonrider and the door to go forward will open. Go up the stairs and light the bonfire. You’ll see Licia kneeling near the bonfire. Unequip you shield so you’ll left hand attack will be a punch. Hurt her. That’s right. Hurt her until she gets up to attack. At this point punch her off the side of the platform so she falls into the water and dies. Go back to the bonfire and then get back up. Her items that she drops will be on the floor.

You receive a Rotunda Lockstone from Licia and also one of the more powerful chimes for a Dark Souls 2 Hexer, the Idol’s Charm.


4) Using the Bonfire Ascetic

Now that you dealt with the Dragonrider and Licia, use the bonfire to head back to the beginning of Heide’s Tower of Flame. When you load in, use the bonfire again and burn the Bonfire Ascetic. The area is much more dangerous now.

You’ll be doing the same exact thing in regards to reaching the Dragonrider. However, this time there are two more enemies you need to dodge. After you exit to the right of the large dome there will be another enemy with a two-handed weapon. Run by and roll out of the way. Secondly, near the boss gate to the Dragonrider will be a red phantom. He will act like a normal player and chase you. Allow him to get somewhat close so he starts to attack and roll away towards the boss gate. Run into it quickly.

With the Dragonrider, do the same exact thing. Stay near the edge, let him come close, and roll by him. He’ll fall right into the water and die.

At this point you should be close to 50,000 souls stored up. Sweet.

Head up the stairs and use the bonfire to head back to Majula.


5) Leveling up

Back in Majula, take some time to run around town and pick up the items. When finished, go into your items and use all of your Souls, including the two Soul of the Dragonrider items. This should push you up to 62,000+ souls. Perfect!

Head to the Emerald Herald and get to the level up screen. You need to level up Intelligence and Faith both to 20. Also level your Attunement up so you have 3 slots.

After this is done you need at least 1700+ souls to buy your first two Hex spells. If you do not have that much you can kill Crestfallen Saulden who sits at the edge of Majula near a monument. He’s easy to kill and will give you 3,000 souls and a very nice Ring of Steel Protection.


6) Becoming a Dark Souls 2 Hexer

Head to the tunnel where we originally exited Majula to go to Heide’s Tower of Flame. You’ll find that Licia’s Rotunda Lockstone will allow you to change the direction of the rotunda here. Use the lockstone and wait for it to spin around. Go left towards the new area.

Head up the path and you’ll enter another tunnel that empties into the Huntsman’s Copse. Right before you exit the tunnel, you’ll see an NPC sitting in a chair. This is the game’s Hex NPC, Felkin the Outcast.


You'll find Felkin right before you enter the Huntsman's Copse, reachable by turning the Majula Rotunda.

You’ll find Felkin right before you enter the Huntsman’s Copse, reachable by turning the Majula Rotunda.


Talk to Felkin and when you gain access to the menu to either Buy or Talk, select Talk and he will see that you are proficient enough in magic. He gifts you the entire Hexer armor set and the Sunset Staff.

After this, talk to Felkin again and buy your first Hex spells. Resonant Soul is the default, must have Hex spell. This offers plenty of uses, low requirements, and tons of power.

What you buy for your second spell is up to you. I said earlier that you should have at least 1700+ souls to buy from Felkin. I said this because I normally buy Resonant Soul and Dark Orb. These are amazing Hex spells to start out with.


7) Final Requirements

You’ll find that both the Idol’s Charm and Sunset Staff require higher levels of skills than you currently have. Until you gain more souls to level up, use the Cleric’s starting weapon, the Cleric’s Sacred Chime. This will allow you to use your Hex spells until you can level up.

The easier weapon to get to quicker is the Sunset Staff which only requires you level Intelligence two more times up to 22. At that point, you’ll be dealing around 389 damage with your main weapon. Very nice.


8) Conclusion

Depending on how well you know the game and if you don’t mess up the Dragonrider positioning, this can be done very quickly. After you’re a full Dark Souls 2 Hexer, you can go back to Things Betwixt and do what we skipped or head straight to the Forest of Fallen Giants to start the game proper.

Enjoy wrecking the game early on. Being a Dark Souls 2 Hexer is extremely fun and rewarding. The game may have been out of quite some time now, but I always have fun with it. Always something new to learn.


The end result. Early game Dark Souls 2 Hexer.

The end result. Early game Dark Souls 2 Hexer.