Nis America Announces Three New Upcoming Western Releases

Nis America, popular JRPG game producer/developer, announced three new games heading to the west this year.


– Disgaea 5 – Vengeance for the PS4

Disgaea is a tactical JRPG, and easily the companies most well-known IP in the west. The trailer also announces the games PS4 exclusivity, which promises to “make every element more powerful, more heated, and more intense”, a bold claim that fits well with the game’s over-the-top attitude and style.


– Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls for the PS Vita

This is the third Vita release of the popular court-room drama visual novel series by Spike Chunsoft. The trailer seems to showcase the inclusion of a kind of over-the-shoulder shooter element.


3. Rodea: The Sky Soldier for the Wii U and 3DS

A new IP from Kadawa, this fast paced action game promises to bring “speed and adventure together…in a journey across the skies”

None of the games have received specific release dates as of this writing, but western and European fans of these series should expect to see them sometime before the end of 2015.