New ‘Killing Floor 2’ Live Action Trailer, ‘Killing Floor: Uncovered’

Tripwire Interactive’s Killing Floor, a massively popular cooperative wave based shooter, was released (for retail) in 2009 on PC and Mac. The game pits teams of online players against legions of ‘specimens’, in arena based combat with a wide arsenal of fun and inventive weaponry.

Now, to promote the upcoming release of Killing Floor 2, which is also receiving a console release on PS4, Sony presents a new eleven minute short chronicling the story events of the series.

“Killing Floor: Uncovered is an origin story, set a few years before the events in the original Killing Floor game. In the movie, fans will learn a bit more about the evil Horzine Biotech corporation and some of its earlier genetic experimentation.”  Explains Sony in the Video’s Description on Youtube.

In this trailer, a team of activists armed with hidden cameras attempt to uncover the shady wrongdoings of a biotechnical research facility, but what they find might be a bit more than just back taxes and lipstick covered pigs. With a title like ‘Killing Floor’, it might be needless to say, but be prepared for some pretty graphic imagery once you push play.

The production value, acting, and special effects of the short are all quite impressive, and it certainly succeeds in bringing some much needed tension and drama back to the zombie horror genre. In a time where zombie games are a dime a dozen, it’s nice to know there are still some surprises out there.  The short was developed in tandem with Tripwire themselves, and the film production company, Type AB. For once, I’m not upset by a trailers lack of gameplay footage.

As of this writing, Sony states that Killing Floor 2 will be coming to PS4 sometime this year, with no specific release schedule.