iconic weapons

Gamings Iconic Weaponry

There have been some memorable weaponry used through the history of gaming and here I want to just list the ones that stand out to me most and why I think they have become such icons.

So where to start is something that I have pondered for a short while and I figured that seeing as there is going to be no particular order I would start with my own personal favourite and work from there, so here is my first on the list.

  • The Master Sword
    The Master Sword is the sword of evils bane, wielded by Link in the legend of Zelda series, it contains the power to defeat evil wherever it can be found, in the earlier renditions of the game it also had the ability to fire focuses beams of evil beating energy when swung.
    It is an iconic image and is truly an icon of the series and anyone who has heard of or played the game will automatically connect it with its corresponding game series.
    There is not often a weapon that has such strong connections and recognizability to a game series as this does to its.
  • The Buster Sword
    This is the sword of Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy 7, one of the most critically acclaimed of the Final Fantasy series, its sheer size and intimidatory look automatically ensure its place on any list of iconic weaponry; the iconic standing of the game also helps with its notability.
    It is another one of those things that once you see this weapon in any image you know it is synonymous with its game and series.
  • Mark 2 lancer assault rifle
    This rifle has one of the best attachments any gamer could have ever asked for with a gun of this caliber , which is the sole reason that this is going on this list, that and again, it is synonymous with the Gears of War series.
  • Arm cannon
    The arm cannon, the weapon of choice by one miss Samus Aran in the Metroid game series; this weapon has many variations on what kind of shot it is producing, from a power bean to an annihilator beam. The weapon has so many configurations that you can never be confident of what attack is going to be blasting you down.
  • Soul Edge
    The iconic blade from the Soul Calibur series, this sword gave the wielder the ability to steal souls and turn people against the ones they loved. Soul Edge’s curse is called malfestation, and is inflicted not only upon those who wield the sword itself, but those who come into contact with its shards.
  • Energy Sword
    Made infamous by the Halo series, the energy sword wields a great deal of damage and was weapon of choice by the covenant in Halo: battle evolved and was continued to be so throughout the series. If you were fortunate enough to get your hands on one during a mission you were near impossible to stop, slashing your way through waves of enemies until the sad moment where it ran out of energy and was rendered useless, at which point you would become a peasant once more and have to resort to firing bullets at your opponents hope your aim was true.
  • Gun blade
    Another Final Fantasy weapon to add to this list is indeed the Gun blade from Final Fantasy 8, the wielder of which is Squall Leonhart; the pure imagery of this sword simply shouts Final Fantasy at you, it could not have been imagined for anything else; where else would you see a blade mixed with a gun, and not just that, where else would you see it be so iconic?
  • Dragon Shouts
    This may possibly cause quiet whisperings among you all as to its place on the list but I feel that the Dragon shouts of Skyrim deserve a place on this list simply due to their effectiveness in battle and on a whole other many tasks throughout the game. The shouts can deal damage, summon beasts, allow you to see enemies and a whole lot more of uses. To say that these abilities are not in some way weapons to be used at ones discretion is in my opinion absurd!
  • Lightsabre
    This weapon I imagine needs no introduction, If you do not know of the Lightsabre then I can only assume that you have been locked in a cupboard your entire life and have never had the pleasure of being shown one of the most iconic movie franchises in history. Star wars introduced the public to the Lightsabre in 1977 with the release of A new hope; ever since the Lightsabre has been iconic throughout the world as the weapon of choice for Jedi and Sith alike.
  • KeyBlade
    The weapon of choice in the game Kingdom Hearts, this blade has the power to seal or open barriers between worlds. Whenever someone hears of or sees images of the keyblade I would imagine the first thing they think of would be Kingdom Hearts and the enthralling game it is, mixing the most well known of Disney characters in one mash up game that has become so iconic among the gaming community.
  • Pokémon
    This might be an odd one to see on a list such as this but I enquire that you think about it, are they not used as such when it comes to battling? They are the hidden weapon amongst gaming weapons. Pokémon are pitted against each other to see which is the most superior in battle, as to battle, one must first choose their weapon of choice. Whilst they may not be classed as weapons in the basic sense of things, I feel they are deserved of a place amongst gamings most iconic weapons.

So there we have it, my list of iconic gaming weaponry, if you think I left anything out or disagree with my selection then feel free to let me know, but for me, those weapons are very much iconic throughout the gaming world.