Diablo III Patch 2.2.0 Content Preview

Blizzard has released a lengthy preview of the features to expect in Diablo III’s upcoming 2.2.0 patch. New features to expect include three new six piece sets; Unhallowed Essence, Wrath of the Wastes, and Delsere’s Magnum Opus. They are also revamping several existing sets, including Zunimassas’s Haunt, Raiment of a Thousand Storms, Roland’s Legacy, Tal Rasha’s Elements, Inna’s Mantra, Natalya’s Vengeance, and Immortal King’s Call.

In addition to the ten new and redesigned sets, there will also be fifteen new Legendary powers as well as updates to existing items. Among the new powers will be a community created one designed during Blizzcon Legendary Workshop.

New Rift tilesets, with randomized map layouts, will be released as well. They will be based on the Fields of Misery, Festering Woods, Stinging Winds, and Fields of Slaughter. In addition, over twenty new bounties have been added for discovery in Acts II, IV, and V of Adventure Mode. A new type of bounty, Exploation, is to be introduced as well. These new bounties will be completed by searching an area to find people who need to be rescued or slain. Fourteen of these bounties will be scattered throughout the game.

There will be three new Treasure Goblins to hunt; including The Gelatinous Sire, whom will disintegrate into smaller goblins.  Other updates include a new Cosmetics Interface, File System, and loads of other fixes and enhancements. Loads of screens shots for all of the new material can be found in the initial release, here.

Patch 2.2.0 is expected to be released for Public Testing in the not-so-distant future.

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