New Rock Band Game Is Allegedly In The Works

According to a “person familiar with the plan,” Bloomberg reports that Harmonix is currently working on a brand-new Rock Band title for current systems.

This new title is supposedly in development for the Xbox One and Playstation 4. The source wished to remain anonymous, Bloomberg tells us. This is far from an official announcement, but an interesting fold in the legacy of rhythm games.

The last Rock Band game was released in 2012, subtitled Blitz. Blitz was sold digitally and designed to be played with regular controllers instead of the plastic facsimiles of instruments we all grew to love in the late 2000’s.

Rhythm games exploded after the release of the first Guitar Hero in 2006. Rock Band was the best-selling title of 2008. Casual gamers were the main driving force behind this bubble. Around this time, the mainstream popularity of both rhythm games and motion control caused the casual game scene to take off. Now, most of these players have moved to mobile and Facebook gaming according to analyst Doug Creutz.

The rhythm game genre peaked at 18% of total US software sales in 2008. That figure has fallen steadily and now makes up less than 1% of software sales in the States. As Neil Young would put it: theses games didn’t burn out, but simply faded away.

The fad has passed, but there have been some stirrings about a comeback. New Rock Band 3 DLC was announced last month. Additionally, Harmonix sent out poll to gamers that same month to gauge interest in a new entry as well as decide on popular new features.

If you’re feeling nostalgic, check out Leviathyn’s review of Rock Band 3 here and my personal rediscovery of the Guitar Hero franchise here.

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