Mobile Games Expected to Beat Console Game Sales in 2015?

I’m sure most of us who are familiar with the AppStore/Playstore/Amazon all saw this coming with the cauldron full of mobile games available. There has never before been such a surge of mobile games being released and promoted massively on a worldwide scale. 15 years ago we could only think of the luxury of playing Snake on our tiny little screens but now mobile has actually evolved very well and it’s pretty damn impressive.

Reports show that Mobile games will generate more revenue than console titles in 2015, according to research specialist Newzoo. In its quarterly global games market update, the company estimates that revenues from smartphone and tablet titles will reach $25bn in 2014 and $30.3bn in 2015. The culprit for such a rising market is China, the market for mobile gaming is huge there as shown by these charts.

Newzoo mobile game sales estimates


However, despite the success and development in mobile games there always has to be a catch. Why are mobile games so popular nowadays? The majority of mobile games are based on an addictive free-to-play plan but the games more often or not offer a pay-to-win style mechanism, which enhances the game experience by making it more convenient by saving time or it just offers you exclusive items.

A lot of people dislike these in game purchase schemes because they feel like it disrupts the flow of progression in the game and it can sometimes make the game way to disadvantageous to people who don’t purchase in game benefits. As for children it’s like taunting them with modern day candy.


Here are a few of the most successful and well known mobile games right now. Minecraft, Candy Crush Saga, Clash of Clans, Flappy Bird, Temple Run, My Talking Tom and a handful of others including games from developers such as EA and Telltale Games.

One genuine factor which may make the mobile platform so successful are the advancements in hand held technology including mobile devices and tablets. Also the age range is very diverse in mobile games, they appeal to adults, teens and children so there is a huge potential for developers to cash in right now.