Sony: The Last Guardian Still In Development

Now that Final Fantasy (Versus XIII) XV has become a real game, we can all choose a new vaporware title to complain about. Why not Team ICO’s The Last Guardian? Following news yesterday that Sony let the trademark lapse, Sony has told IGN that the game is still “very much in development.”

This is all starting to sound like a cruel joke to anyone who has been following the adventures of a boy and flying eagle-dog since the announcement at E3 2009. Want to feel old? Go watch that video again. The game has been in development since 2007, which only guarantees that it will be a hit like Aliens: Colonial Marines and Duke Nukem Forever.

The Last Guardian has been through a similarly tumultuous production history. Originally announced for the Playstation 3, both release date and console are now up in the air. Director Fumito Ueda has since left Sony. Two high-level producers have left the project as well in the past five and a half years.

Team ICO and Fumito Ueda are best known for ICO and Shadow of the Colossus. Both of these titles were lauded for their sparse narrative, open-ended storytelling, and evocative visuals. Back before it was a cliche to call video games art, Team ICO was just starting the conversation.

The Last Guardian might have hit some development snags, but at least we know it’s still in development for now. That’s better than Half-Life 3, at least.

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