Devil Survivor 2: Record Breaker Gets American Release Date and A New Story Trailer

The 3DS re-release of the second installment in Atlus’ popular Devil Survivor series will be available in North America on May 5th. The Strategy RPG series features turn based tactics, heavy story elements, and the popular tropes and demons of the Shin Megami Tensei series, a brand that includes other popular titles like Devil Summoner, Digital Devil Saga, and Persona.

The original DS version of this game came to America in 2011, and received majorly positive reviews from a multitude of outlets. This rerelease boasts the addition of over 40 new hours of content to the original game, including a new story arc, new bosses, new characters, and full voice acting for both the original and new content. There is also mention of new StreetPass and SpotPass capabilities.

For those interested, a brand new story trailer has been released to outline the events of the new “Triangulum Arc”, which, in an amazingly generous gesture for fans of the original version, can be played right from the beginning without replaying the old content.

Both Devil Survivor games are worthy spinoffs of the renowned SMT universe. The original title, which also received a 3DS remake in 2011, is another worthy title, but as both games feature isolated story lines, it’s not a prerequisite.

A perfect title to get some use out of your New 3DS!

The Game is Rated T, and will have an initial MSRP of 39.99