japan pro esports course

Japan Unveils It’s First e-Sports Qualification

This is one of the many times where I wish I lived in Japan, they literally have it all now. Despite it not being available in all schools there always has to be a spark before a flame and I’m glad that Japan are initiating this qualification.

The qualification is currently available at the Tokyo School of Anime which is quite an unusual place to be hosting a course with so many different aspects compared to voice acting and anime. Oh Japan. Regardless of that fact we can hope to see many more of these courses expanding throughout Japan and hopefully outside of Japan too.

e-Sports has made such a surge in the gaming industry, it’s making so much money it would be silly not to invest in all of the potential gaming geniuses out there. My curiosity is how much the course actually costs and the duration of it, the concept is genuinely fascinating and I wonder what pre-requisites you need to qualify for the course.

There are 4 courses available with the e-Sports Professional Gamer course.

  • e-Sports Professional Gamer major
  • e-Sports Business and Publicity major
  • e-Sports Commentating major
  • e-Sports Events Manager major

I really like the approach that the Tokyo School of Anime have taken, these available qualifications seem to compliment each other and potentially allow easy start up groups after the course. When I think about it more and more I do believe it can be successful a successful course for the students because sports in general present a very similar, if not identical format.

My main concern is whether there will be a huge surplus of e-Sports content because of this course. Just like the birth of Youtube and the rise of many Youtube stars. But who are we to say otherwise, there’s is an online course for Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.