Humble Square Enix Bundle 2

Here we go, Humble Bundle are proud to present their Humble Square Enix Bundle 2!

Everything listed so far appears to be a new addition to the bundle except Hitman: Absolution.
There are also more games to be listed soon so keep an eye out for them, here’s hoping for Final Fantasy 13!

What you can get for the minimum amount so far is:-

  • Hitman: Absolution – In this game you will play as Agent 47 who is an assassin. The game is an action stealth game with a range of interesting elements which requires a lot of thinking and planning.
  • Supreme Commander 2 – A traditional refined RTS (real time strategy) game which features many factions, units and play styles. You are able to create massive armies and lead them into giant skirmishes against the enemy.
  • Hitman: GO – Much like the Hitman series, the objectives are familiar. However, in Hitman: GO it is turn based and you must make every action count to complete your goal.


If you decide to beat the average you get all the games listed above and:-

  • Thief – It is set in a dark fantasy world which is inspired by gothic and steampunk art styles. A large series of missions are available to you and you must use your stealth abilities to steal from the rich.
  • Murdered: Soul Suspect – This is an action adventure stealth game which is played in a third person view. The story is very intriguing and well worth picking up!
  • Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Directors Cut – An incredible cyberpunk environment is packed into this game. It is a first person action RPG shooter and boy when Square Enix make good games, they do it good! Definitely a must play.


Lastly if you pay $15 you are able to unlock the following games plus all the games listed above:-

  • Tomb Raider – A much loved franchise and Lara Croft is back looking better than ever! In this title it features absolutely stunning graphics and offers a stunning action adventure.
  • Sleeping Dogs – An open world action RPG which is set in a vibrant Hong Kong. You can unleash your martial art skills and bring justice to the many criminals that you will face or you can cause chaos and get taken down by the cops.


The whole bundle is currently worth $165 (prices may vary in different currencies) and you are able to allocate where the proceeds go to. The charities this bundle will contribute to are Make-A-Wish and GamesAid.

After the purchase you can redeem the keys using your Steam account.