Paradox Interactive CEO Open To Game Of Thrones Adaptation

Before Telltale’s wonderful adaptation of Game Of Thrones, the best video game experience of Westeros was a mod for Paradox Interactive’s 4x strategy game Crusader Kings 2. Fittingly enough, PC Gamer reports that Paradox’s CEO has expressed interest in a possible adaptation of Game Of Thrones.

Speaking at ParadoxCon, CEO Fredrik Wester said that “it’s the only license he would consider for the grand strategy studio.” Wester even mentions the extremely popular mod as proof that their brand of video game political intrigue is a perfect fit for the Game Of Thrones universe.  However, Paradox Interactive hasn’t yet reached out to HBO to broker a deal, fearing for their “creative control.”

Paradox Interactive is best known for their grand strategy titles like Europa Universalis, Crusader Kings, and Hearts Of Iron. The studio is supports a robust mod community, with hundreds of user-made campaigns, skins, and total conversions available for download.

Game Of Thrones has gotten the video game treatment a few times, as well. In 2012, Cyanide’s action RPG Game Of Thrones was poorly received. An RTS, Game Of Thrones Genesis, was also met with a lukewarm reception.

As of now, Bigpoint’s planned MMORPG Game Of Thrones: Seven Kingdoms has disappeared into development hell. While not officially canceled yet, the website has been down for months.