Dev Says The Order: 1886 “Impossible” To Finish In 6 Hours

There may be some last minute damage control happening over at Ready at Dawn.

Earlier this week, a play through of the upcoming PS4 exclusive The Order: 1886 leaked to YouTube, and showed the gamer in question beating the title in just over five hours.

Responding to concerns about the game’s length, CEO of developer Ready at Dawn Ru Weerasuirya spoke to Eurogamer regarding the five hour play through video. He proceeded to say that beating The Order: 1866 in under six hours is “impossible”.

“I know there are numbers out there,” he said. “I know why the question comes up. I know numbers have been put out there that are actually not right. It’s impossible to finish the game in that time, so we know the numbers are wrong.

He continued on to explain how a game’s length does not affect its quality, saying:

“Game length is important,” he said. “Every game has to take its own time to tell its story. Some games can be short. Some games can be long. I still remember the first time I picked up Modern Warfare, I finished the campaign in about three-and-a-half or four hours. And it was fun because they made that campaign work for that because they had something else.

“Any of these games need to pack in what it needs to to deliver the experience you were hoping to deliver when you first tackled it. For us that meant, it’s not going to be a short game, it’s going to be something that rewards you as you play through, that there is a storyline, that you have information there, and then also it opens the door to a lot of questions you might be able to answer either by what you find in the game, or hopefully by what you will find out in the future.

You can read more of what Ru had to say about The Order: 1866 over at Eurogamer. It seems we will have to wait until the title officially releases on February 20th to put this controversy to rest.