Sonic Boom: Worst-Selling Game In Franchise History

According to Sega’s most recent financial report, Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric has only sold 490,000 copies since its November release.  No, that figure isn’t missing a zero.

Sonic Boom was slammed by critics and, obviously, ignored by consumers.  This makes Sonic Boom the worst-selling major launch in the series.  What’s worse, the financial report is unclear as to whether or not that 490,000 figure is copies solid to retailers, or copies moved off retail shelves.

For comparison: the last Sonic game on the Wii U, Lost World, sold around 710,000 copies.  Not impressive in the grand scheme, but better than the paltry numbers Sonic Boom posted.  Unsurprisingly, the best-selling title in the franchise is the original.  Sonic The Hedgehog has sold 15 million since 1991.

Sonic Boom is survived by a television show and extensive toy line, which premiered in November as well.  A comic book is on the way, too.

Thankfully, the Alien franchise has fared much better over the past few months, selling 1.8 million since Isolation’s October release.  After a string of video game adaptations that range from decent to downright awful, developer Creative Assembly managed to nail the atmosphere and tone of Ridley Scott’s original masterpiece.

The numbers don’t lie.  Who thinks Sonic is ready for a gritty reboot a la Tomb Raider?

[Source: SEGA via Eurogamer]