E3 2015: Bethesda’s First Conference Ever Will Happen

Is it that time again already?  E3 2015 is still a ways off, but there’s already a surprise announcement: Bethesda is hosting its first E3 conference ever, according to their website.

There aren’t many other details on the sparse news post other than the date, June 14th. As if the rampant speculation about Bethesda’s next Fallout or Elder Scrolls wasn’t at a fever pitch already, the internet is now collectively wondering what news the developer has for us that’s big enough to warrant their first showcase ever.

The smart money points to a reveal of Fallout 4, since the last numbered entry was all the way back in 2010.  Show-stopping Elder Scrolls news seems unlikely because of the big changes Elder Scrolls Online is going through, along with the upcoming console release.

What’s more, Fallout 4 has been teased in the past few years.  There have been slips from Three Dog’s voice actor, leaked casting documents, all the way to rumors of Bethesda art scouts in Boston.  Fans are clamoring for a 4th excursion into the wasteland. If Bethesda’s smart, they’ll take advantage of the buzz and wow us with a big reveal.

E3 2015 will run from June 16th to the 18th at the Los Angeles Convention Center.  Stay tuned for more coverage when the convention starts in four months.

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