Poor Dreamcast

I remember playing the Dreamcast like it was only yesterday, such fond memories of a console that was before its time; it had high hopes for a glorious future but just couldn’t grasp the love of the people.

The Dreamcast was a spectacular piece of machinery and I will always be stuck for the reason as to why it never took off like I would have expected, it had everything the avid gamer should have been looking for and I imagine these days would leap upon. Online gaming was very much the option when playing the console, if more people had bought into it, it would have rivalled the popularity of the Xbox 360 and PS3; but alas it was not to be and its under appreciated greatness faded into the back ground of the gaming world and was not to be appreciated for some time to come.
These days I see more love out there for the Dreamcast, now in an era where online gaming is something people buy games to solely partake in. Today the Dreamcast would be loved by the masses, as I hoped it would have been in its day, and in all fairness should have been; it took gaming to a new place, such a shame that the populous was not ready for it, it was as if they were intimidated by the power it loomed to posses. It seems redundant to say that in its lack of love and attention it faded to a place that all old consoles fade to one day, the category of retro, and retro is making its self known to everyone these days with its own community, out there to relish and thrive in it and the Dreamcast has not been left out of this second bite of the cherry with even more people now getting behind it and loving what it has to provide; it may not see the action it once could have, especially with its online capabilities but never the less, it is seeing the respect it deserves.

The Dreamcast was the right decision for Sega to make, a step in all the right directions, it seemed to offer everything to gamers that gamers should have wanted, online play, fresh graphical displays and innovative game play; yeah they rehashed old gaming classics to try and lure people in, but every gaming company out there does that, Nintendo have been doing that over and over for the past twenty odd years and have been making successes of it, and in some what I think Sega had some success with it on the Dreamcast, but only with those brave enough to take it on.

Should the Dreamcast be a console of the 2010’s it would have thrived in the industry, it would be on par with the Xbox ones and PS3’s, it would be rivalling for top spot in the console wars, and rightly so, it deserves to be up there.
Had Sega picked themselves up from the downfall of the Dreamcast they could have pulled together and started production on a ‘Dreamcast 2’ or any variation on a sequel to the console, and what’s to say they still couldn’t, I feel that if they were to put into motion production of another console it would cause a stir in the industry and just the word being spread of another Sega console, a potential follow up to the Dreamcast could possibly be enough to make it an instant success as people have now realised what an amazing feat of engineering that it was.

So if Sega are reading this the I have something to say to you, Buck up! Pull your finger out and give the people what they now appreciate and are craving, it can only lead to good things!