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Evolve Is Getting A 3GB Day-One Patch Tomorrow

In anticipation for Evolve’s launch tomorrow, Turtle Rock Studios has announced a day-one patch on the game’s website.  The patch is going to be 3GB of balances, tweaks, system optimizations, bug fixes, and newly-reworked elite monster and weapon skins. 

Additionally, the patch introduces connectivity to the free-to-play mobile app Evolve Hunters Quest.  The app features a match-3 type of game, where players must match colors in a descending grid to help the hunters survive on Shear.  Think Candy Crush, but with gigantic space monsters and lightning guns.

The cool part of the app, though, is its connectivity to Evolve itself.  By linking a my2k account to Evolve Hunters Quest, players can earn mastery points for the main game. The more you play, the quicker your hunter profile will progress in Evolve.

Lastly, Evolve Hunters Quest will allow users to watch top-down replays of their console or PC matches.  Any armchair general will have a field day with this feature, along with stats and leaderboards for the numerically inclined.

Most of the day-one patch’s tweaks are direct result of the Xbox One open beta that ran last month.  Turtle Rock posted some impressive stats a few weeks ago that gave us a peek at the changes to come.  The win percentage between monster and hunters was nearly split 50/50, which was a huge improvement from the Big Alpha.  The Wraith was found to be overpowered, so expect her to be rebalanced by launch day.

Happy hunting, and stay tuned for Leviathyn’s review of Evolve.