Evoland… RPG Evolution.


Evoland… well, what can I say about Evoland. ONLY. GOOD. THINGS!

This game is something I never knew I wanted, but having played this game I now know that I could have never gone through the rest of my life without it.
Developed by Shiro games and originally released on PC and Mac April 4th 2013; has now been released on iOS and Android since 3rd February.

This game allows you to play through what is more or less the complete history of all RPG gaming, you play through each and every evolution of RPG’s through the years, from 2D, black and white scrolling, through to colour, then detailed colour and then right on through to full 3D high def graphics.
Even the combat system evolves as you go through, with a mix of roaming battling through to turn based battles, this game allows you to play your own way and also allows you to feel like your playing all RPG’s at once, not something I have ever experience before in my life, and something I will be wanting to experience again, this game has serious replay ability.
The fun thing about the game is that once you have achieved fully 3D graphics you can report back to the start of the game and see all that you have already seen in a whole new view.

There are even side quests to occupy your mind, from collecting playing cards to trying to find all the hidden stars in the game. If you like Easter eggs then then there are a few hidden ones but not in the sense that you would expect to find them in AAA games today; they are more of a ‘hidden in text’ Easter eggs, to give you one example there is a Skyrim reference in there.

This game has the feel of some gaming cult classics such as The Legend of Zelda and Final Fantasy, there are clear signs scattered all around that show you exactly how influenced this game is on the classic game that have come before it.

Evoland is such a fun game, on the very same day I downloaded it I more or less completed it, I simply couldn’t put it down; I say more or less completed, I got the the final boss but have yet to defeat it, that is one tough cookie! but I have no doubt that I will be sinking my teeth into that delicious cookie and tasting its goodness very soon, the great playability of the game just draws me in and makes me want to play more and more.

I really don’t feel like I can say enough good things about this game, it really does live up to all this hype, it is most definitely worth the cost of buying it, which is only $4.99/£3.99/€4.99.

I don’t feel I have a duty to tell you all to go out and purchase this game, I don’t feel like I have to try and convince you to spend your hard earned money of this game… In fact, it is my pleasure, I want to tell you to go out and buy this game, I do truly believe this game is worth your hard earned money, it will be equal play to all your work; so yes, I advise you all go out and purchase this game on your devices, whether that be your iOS or your Android, this will be a worthy accompaniment to any game or app you already have on there.

So GO! Buy this game, if you know what’s good for your inner gamer!