Nintendo Creators Program Has Overwhelming Number Of Applicants

Nintendo’s Creators Program is controversial, but that hasn’t stopped the applications from flooding in.  There are so many, in fact, that even Nintendo is surprised:

Due to your enthusiasm for the program, we’re receiving a higher volume of applications to register channels & videos than expected.  It is taking longer than we anticipated to confirm the applications.  We appreciate your patience as we work through them as quickly as possible.

Essentially, the Creators Program is a revenue share system where Youtubers can get a slice of the advertising profit Nintendo makes off of their Nintendo-related videos. Simple enough, right?

Not quite.  There’s a strict list of supported games and intellectual property that’s eligible.  If the game isn’t on the so-called whitelist, then any videos or channels featuring it will not be able to register for the revenue share.  Additionally, any uploaded videos will be easy targets for Nintendo to take down if they so choose.

More importantly, most developers eschew Youtube’s terms of service and allow their intellectual property to be uploaded to Youtube and fully monetized by the video uploader.  Under the Nintendo Creators Program, however, Nintendo will get 70% of the ad revenue from registered channels and 60% from individual videos.

A prolific Youtuber, Jim Sterling, made a scathing reaction video to the Creators Program.  Sterling here echoes many other Youtube personalities, including the extremely popular PewDiePie.  It’s also a good introduction to one side of a complicated issue: