Life Is Strange Episode 1 Review


Life is Strange is an episodic story rich game that follows the life of Max and 18 year old girl who has just returned to her home town to attend a school for the photography class. The game starts with a vision of a storm and after this she discovers that she can rewind time. Using this ability Max must make various decisions that will have an effect on the future some effects may be small and some may be huge. Often you will not see an immediate major reaction to any choices you make but perhaps in later episodes the people you helped will return the favour. Will you choose to keep your head down or will you be an “everyday hero”. The ability to rewind time gives the player a chance to see what will happen if you choose one option and still go back however the long term effects may be different than the short term and you may find out something later on that changes you opinion of someone, maybe you will feel bad for not helping someone or maybe you regret helping them.


The world created in the game is very rich and gives a lot of back story to Max and if you take the time to notice it really makes the world more real. However some characters do seem very generic and have almost no depth to them for example your standard jock and mean girls that embrace the standard stereotypes of being bullies and all the mean girl cares about is what she is wearing. There is a lot of background drama ranging from bad boyfriends to bullying. As well as the stereotype characters there are some very interesting ones that peak my interest and could have some significance later on.


This game isn’t for everyone as many story focused games aren’t, it combines the story filled rich world of Gone Home with game play of the Wolf Among Us and adds time travel to the mix. The first episode lasts between 1 and a half hours and 2 hours and has me very intrigued for the rest of the season. If you enjoy teenage drama and time travel then this is for you.

Overall I really enjoyed my time with life is strange episode 1 and look forward to continuing my life as Max, making various small choices that make up life and seeing if they will have a grand effect further down the line.