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5 Games That Deserve a TV Show

With the latest news that The Legend of Zelda may be getting a TV series on Netflix and TV going through a Renaissance, I decided to take a look at five other video games that could benefit from a small screen adaption.

Mass Effect

The Mass Effect series is one of the best examples of how branching storylines adds depth to a video game

The magnificent space opera Mass Effect is one which is crying out for adaptations. Whilst a movie would provide too little time to successfully articulate the complexities of Bioware’s diverse universe, a TV series would allow us time to explore the galaxy and see the fascinating stories that emerge. In terms of continuity there is plenty of time into which the TV show could fit, with the strongest contender being the two-year period in which Shepard is dead during Mass Effect 2. With such space to explore and a huge range of characters and races to discover, the series could be exactly the sci-fi adventure we need on our screens.

Imagine Star Trek crossed with Game of Thrones and you are beginning to see the possibilities.



Gearbox’s Borderlands is well known for its eclectic cast of characters, as well as its bonkers over-the-top action, making it perfect for a show. The crazy adventures of ZER0 could play out on a weekly basis. From solving crazy crimes to hunting down vaults, the series would benefit from a great energy and hopefully an insane supporting cast. Handsome Jack could bring a nice continuity to proceedings and the off-the-wall nature of the humor could create a unique show.

Imagine Falling Skies mixed with Archer.


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With an incredible setting and critically acclaimed story, Bioshock is a prime candidate for the TV treatment. The show could focus on either Rapture or Columbia, though Rapture would be the prime contender. Set during the run-up to the collapse, we could follow the society of this underwater paradise as it falls to pieces. The show could introduce us to the pre-fall versions of some of the more memorable characters of Rapture, such as Ryan, Atlas, and Cohen. The period setting would also do wonders for the aesthetics as we would see the cruel nature of Rapture’s time mixed with the horrible consequences of Ryan’s grand experiment gone wrong.

Imagine Mad Men mixed with The Walking Dead.


Banjo Kazooie

Sometimes we need a more light-hearted romp, and Rare’s huggable bear and bird duo are ideal to fill that Saturday morning void in your life. The loveable pair are already supported by a fun cast of regulars (Mumbo, Bottles, and the gang), and their weekly run-ins with Gruntilda could provide plenty of fun for the whole family. With bright colorful aesthetics’, physical comedy for the kids, and Kazooie’s sly sarcasm for the adults, everybody wins. CGI or traditional animation would both work, and hopefully by pushing these guys back into the limelight we may relight hope of a true sequel to Banjo-Tooie. Also, they can just reuse the intro from Banjo-Kazooiebecause it’s perfection.

Imagine Sonic Boom mixed with Adventure Time.

Dark Souls

Jolly Cooperation

A bit of a curveball here, but stick with me. Dark Souls could be like nothing else on TV. Think of a show that illustrates a world gone to hell, following a lone man desperately trying to escape his grim fate. The world is mad and broken, and our hero is barely holding together, both physically and mentally. Each episode could focus on a particular boss and our hero’s journey to come to terms with his repeated deaths and the utter bleakness of his or her situation. With House of Cards-style monologues we could witness the breakdown of the person on-screen, and his brief encounters with the world’s insane and broken inhabitants would be a fantastic look into the fragility of the human mind. More suited to a one-off series, Dark Souls could be something truly special if it found the right tone.

Imagine House of Cards mixed with The Road (and a little Game of Thrones).