You Can Play As A Cat In Final Fantasy XV (?)

No, that’s not a typo.  In a bizarre gameplay video from Taipei Game Show, Square Enix debuted Final Fantasy XV’s “CatCam” mode in which– you guessed it– you can play as one of Noctis’ feline friends.  Check out the video, courtesy of GamesHQMedia:

As you can see clearly above, you can switch from Noctis to a cat’s perspective and explore the nooks and crannies of certain stages. In the video, developers take a tour of an unfinished train station that’s apparently in Rome because it’s infested by cats.

Naturally, CatCam allows players to access places that Noctis is barred from because of his big, stupid, two-legged human body. There is no word as of yet if CatCam is just a gimmick or if there will be substantial gameplay involved. Knowing Square Enix and Japanese developers in general, CatCam could be anything from an inside joke to a significant gameplay system in Final Fantasy XV.

There seems to be specific, deliberate paths that the cat can use to traverse the environment. That points to the fact that this maybe isn’t just a funny joke, especially if environments were designed around this feature.  Until someone translates the video, we won’t know much more about CatCam (try not to lose any sleep over it).

In the meantime, watch the newest gameplay trailer here, and pick up Final Fantasy Type-0 HD on day one for access to the Final Fantasy XV demo, Episode Duscae. Don’t expect a car, but maybe expect some cats?