Leviacast Ep. 95: Happy Easter!…Sort Of

It’s Easter in February as Aaron, Cassidee, and Stealth discuss their favorite Easter Eggs in video games. They also talk about crappy PlayStation games, Majora’s Mask, Shadowrun Returns, Super Smash Bros., and dogs doing horrible things to humans in Silent Hill. Also, Cassidee can’t get enough of that Telltale’s Game of Thrones goodness.

NOTE: There is a giveaway in this episode. It involves solving an anagram. Please add a ‘K’ in that anagram as well. It was forgotten. I uh…I forgot it. How to anagram? Anyway, good luck! Answers due on 2/10 for a copy of Deadlight.


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(Theme music: Wily’s Bubble Bath by TheGuitahHeroe)