Immune – The Preview

Who doesn’t love a good post-apocalyptic sandbox survival MMORPG? The crafting, the resource gathering, the numerous entertaining deaths while trying to do something incredibly simple… maybe that’s just me. But if you love end-of-the-world survival games like I do, then Immune is one you should have a look at. The latest title from Vidiludi games & entertainment, a Munich-based studio, Immune is an entertaining survival MMORPG where you scavenge, hunt and grow your own food to survive. How awesome does that sound? Inspired by classic survival games such as DayZ, Rust and Stalker, the game has now been Greenlit by the wonderful Steam community and will be heading to both PC and Mac. When I played it for this preview the servers were pretty empty, meaning I was the only player, but the game is still in early stages so don’t be too harsh on it, alright? Now that the disclaimer is done lets start our preview with a very lovely trailer.

Our beloved world has been ravaged by a devastating pandemic, leaving only a handful of healthy survivors. To survive you need to build shelter, scavenge the wastelands collecting resources and dodge both mutants, health-obsessed NPC’s and other players. It sounds relatively easy, but I still managed to die within the first few minutes, but I’ll get to that in a moment. You start the game with nothing but your trusty backpack and a feeling that everything is going to go horribly wrong. With no weapons or food, my first choice was to go find supplies. Using a handy map (accessible by pressing ‘M’) I managed to locate some buildings where I found basic food and, rather surprisingly, a working car! Vehicles provide transportation across the world and to key areas such as the airport, and I thought I’d have a play while there were no mutants. It didn’t last long. I immediately got swarmed and, after accidentally leaving my vehicle by pressing the wrong button, got munched on by the adorable critters. While doing this I did learn that running over enemies deals damage (as you’d expect) so my first very short life wasn’t a complete waste.

Luckily I spawned back in pretty quick, and decided to leave the urban areas for the moment. The game world is actually quite large when you’re wandering around looking for trees to get wood, and scattered around the world are gasmask wearing NPC’s who are doing everything in their power to avoid infection, including shooting immune people in the face. Basically the locals are as friendly as you’d expect. You have the option to raid these poor guys for their supplies, but expect some aggressive retaliation if you do! I feel like I’m lucky as I haven’t run into any of these guys just yet, which is kind of a shame. But alas, there is still time to die by shotgun blast to the face, right?

Immune screenshot 4

A large part of Immune that I really enjoy is the resource collection and crafting, which is extremely simple. Once you open up the crafting menu (by pressing ‘C’) you have a list of items that can be crafted, along with what you need to make them and how many of those items you have. For example a wooden bat costs 10 pieces of wood, and it will tell you how many you’ve got in your trusty backpack. In addition to food and weaponry you can also craft item to secure a shelter, such as a door (handy, huh?) Shelters can either be built up yourself or you can take an existing building and turn it into home sweet home. Obviously the hardest part will be finding the raw materials to actually make something.

Another aspect I really liked with Immune was the simple control scheme. I know I know, that sounds ridiculously simple, but I really enjoy a game where you can figure it out yourself without complicated tutorials. I’m going to perform a little experiment on my parents to prove this, but I’m pretty sure people unfamiliar with PC gaming would be able to get to grips with this game easily, which gives it bonus brownie points in my book. You move around the world by using WASD, and your communication is easily accessible with ‘Q’ to show you everything you need to know, including the rest of the controls. 

Immune screenshot 5

Crafting is a breeze with point and click.

Immune is already an enjoyable game just for the fact that you’re surviving against strangely adorable mutants who really want to eat you, so when more players get involved and you’ve really got some PVP action going on, I think it’s going to be fantastic. Just from looking at the Steam Greenlight page you’ve got features like grow your own food (because farming is awesome) and using wild dogs as bodyguard pets (I’ll take 12, thanks!) If you’re interested in learning more about Immune (which you really should) you can check out the Immune Game website where you can currently buy yourself a key, instead of waiting for it to come out through Steam. You can also check out the Facebook page for more updates and news and I’m going to leave you with a Let’s Play Immune video. Hopefully I’ll even see some of you around the game world!