Obsidian Uncertain About South Park: The Stick Of Truth Future

South Park: The Stick Of Truth has been hailed by many as the best South Park game and one of the best licensed game ever.  We over here at Leviathyn loved it, and the title was in my top five for 2014 as well.  Sadly, developer Obsidian spoke to Polygon and had some pessimistic news for DLC and future plans for the game:

“As far as we know [Ubisoft and South Park] are done,” Obsidian CEO Feargus Urquhart told Polygon in an interview.  Urquhart cites the stressful, tumultuous development history behind South Park: The Stick Of Truth as one reason.  After changing publishers twice and the implosion of THQ, it’s amazing the game even got made in the first place.

Urquhart summarized the whole affair quite succinctly: “after all of the stress of the game getting done and changing publishers, I think everyone sort of needed a hug.”

This means, ultimately, that the outlook for more South Park is pretty grim.  The game’s sheer existence is a miracle, but I can see why Obsidian and Ubisoft aren’t too eager to jump down that rabbit hole again.

There hasn’t been any official answer as of yet, though.  Maybe a year away from the project is long enough for Obsidian and Ubisoft to work something out.

Obsidian Entertainment is currently putting the finishing touches on Pillars Of Eternity, a crowdfunded CRPG in the vein of Baldur’s Gate and Icewind Dale.

The Kickstarter ended over two years ago, raising more than triple its goal.  Pillars Of Eternity is slated for release late next month.

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