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Majora’s Mask For The Wii U? I Wish…

With less than a month to go before the release of the highly anticipated The legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask on the 3DS I wonder, could they have gone one step better and announced it on the Wii U; I wish they had.

When I first saw a teaser with the possibility of Majora’s Mask being remastered, it looked absolutely amazing and my automatic assumption was that it would be heading to the Wii U, but alas I was sadly mistaken; the graphics that I saw and was eagerly awaiting looked tremendous and would have gone perfectly with the Wii U, don’t get me wrong, I was perfectly satisfied to have the announcement come to the 3DS but I think they could have upped the game a bit and gone all out and done it proud on the Wii U.

Personally I think they could have done so much more if they had developed it for the Wii U, from what I have seen of the 3DS version I admire what they have done with it and the changes they have made but surely having put it on a bigger and stronger device would have only given them more options to play around with when developing new ideas for the game.

From what I have seen of the upcoming release, the world has so much more detail that we had in the original game, from something as small as adding details such as posters that look clear and colourful to the land around you looking so much more in depth and detailed; it makes me think that if they had developed it for the Wii U then they could have put in even more detail and kept the integrity of the game and the feel of the atmosphere it creates.

The one thing from the game that stuck with me in my nightmares as a child, the transformations between the three main masks (Deku, Goron and Zora); the added depth of detail they went into with the horrific cut scene that goes along with them got even more horrific and I think that will live with me throughout my adult life, and that’s not a bad thing I don’t think, it shows that they have gone through every detail of the game and remastered it to give the people the best gaming experience they could possibly offer, well, with the device they’re offering it on anyway.

I’m not trying to talk smack about this wonderful game and the amazing decision to bring it back to us in a remastered, more detailed, super reworked way, but what I do feel is that they could have just brought it to us in a superior way, and yes I know they brought Ocarina Of Time to us via the 3Ds and that was another amazing decision on the part of Nintendo and I would have loved to have seen that on the Wii U as well. I do love the fact that the 3DS allows us the 3D ability but I would happily give that up to see these amazing games brought to us once again on a mainstream platform, in the shape of the marvellous Nintendo Wii U.

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