Runescape: Oldschool versus New

Last year I found myself sitting browsing through my steam games, not really finding anything worth playing. I just stopped playing Archeage beta at that point and didn’t find it exciting anymore but I still hungered for RPG games. I did have Skyrim but I completed it 4 or 5 times already and didn’t really feel like playing it once more, eventhough it is a great game. Then one of my friends suggested that I should start playing Runescape again. I was skeptical at first I’ll admit, especially when I found out that I needed to be a member in order to play oldschool Runescape. However after I stopped complaining and purchased the membership, I fell in love with Runescape once more. Playing it brought loads of childhood memories back and I found myself playing it constantly. With membership I got even further than I did when I was a child since my parents wouldn’t allow me to purchase one. However as school started again I simply could not find the time to play Runescape and I deleted my user and stopped playing.

This was until recently when I again found myself wanting to play Runescape but this time my friend from earlier encouraged me to try the new version of Runescape which I honestly only heard bad things about. But after my friend gave me his word I decided to give it a go. At first I found the new version very confusing and not as smooth as the old version however as I learned the basics I began to love the new Runescape even more that the old version. The new version brought much more focus to the game in general and improved many things from quests to combat. The quests in the new Runescape are more detailed and have more story not just “go kill this” or “go fetch this”. I have already had many hours of fun with the new Runescape and this is even as a free member.

In conclusion it’s fair to say that the Live Runescape has much more to offer in everything really however there is one thing that it never will take away from the Oldschool Runescape which is its ability to relive your past memories with Runescape. Truth be told the Live Runescape doesnt feel very much like Runescape to me but more like a new game. So I say this to you, reader of this article: If you want to play Runescape because you want to relive your childhood then definitly play Oldschool, but if you are looking for a good MMORPG then Live Runescape is the one you want. This being said I still love both versions and I have even have accounts for both Live and Oldschool, which both are membership accounts (which I might add is definitly worth having).

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