Commodore 64: a visual Commpendium

I was recently fortunate enough to be granted a copy of Commodore 64: a visual Commpendium book from FunStock.co.uk, a visual collection from the era of the amazing C64 (Commodore 64); spanning the life and time of the amazing console in all its 8 bit, pixelated glory.

The Commodore 64 was ground breaking in its day, it set the president for how gaming is today, if not for the achievements it made, gaming today would not be how we all know and love it, it was a simpler day where 8 bit was king and 8 bit gaming was real gaming, and I imagine there will be some people that still agree with that statement today.

The book shows off in amazing detail some of its greatest games along side some notes from the developers and graphic designers of the games it features, it spans its history from the early 80’s, right through to the early 90’s when it stopped production and became the legend it is today; saying that, people never truly stopped working on games for the C64 at an amateur level, with some games in the book having release dates well in to the 2010’s.

This game really stretches my memory of the console as I was only really young when the consoles ceased to be in mass production and was no longer really at the forefront of the gaming communities focus, but I was fortunate enough to have some memories of it with games such as Rainbow Island and Lemmings; maybe the more so called ”popular” or ”mainstream” of its back catalogue but still amazing games and very fun for all ages, even now.

The book was published by Bitmap Books, marketed and distributed by FunStock.co.uk, and is a must have for any retro fan that appreciates what an outstanding piece of gaming history the C64 really is, it brings along the nostalgia factor for any avid C64 gamer and can bring a new angle of gaming to any gamer that hasn’t already had the great joy and excitement of playing the console, it truly is a must have.

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So I recommend that for your retro gaming needs and desires, you get yourselves on over there and start living life in the past, because really, how else are you going to do it?