gamecube 2

Gamecube, the underrated genius.

The Gamecube, the successor to the landmark console that was the N64, had a lot to live up to; not a lot of people think it succeeded but personally I disagree. Some of the game that were released on the Gamecube and some of the ideas that went into both the development of the console and of the games rival those of the other consoles that came at that time and some consoles that have come out since.

The ability to go online was nothing new but it was brought to the Gamecube and was massively under used, the one game that comes to mind that could, and to the best of my knowledge was used on the Gamecube was Phantasy star online, even with this somewhat popular game for the console the ability to use an online feature seemed to be over looked for most other games and by most other users.

Nintendo tried something different when  it came to the console disks, being the first Nintendo console to use disks they wanted to be different to the competition out there, that being to Playstation 2 and the Sega Dreamcast.

The evolution of the Nintendo game controllers is and always has been an odd one but an interesting one, from the NES to the SNES and especially from SNES to the N64 (what happened there I will never understand), from the N64 to the Gamecube, from Gamecube to Wii and from Wii to Wii U. The controller for the Gamecube was a comfortable fit in the hand, everything was where it needed to be and it was easily accessible and felt nice all round, it swapped C buttons for a C stick and it felt good to use.

Dolphin. Dolphin was the name for the Gamecube before they finally settled on a name, can you imagine a world where we could have a console brand named dolphin? (that could be an ecco to the past *wink wink*). For those who are interested in somewhat random information, if you ever want to find a Gamecube emulator out there, they tend to go under the name Dolphin… Though I in no way condone such behaviour… but what people don’t know can’t hurt them *wink wink*

I have never personally understood why people have such a bad opinion of the Gamecube, I have nothing but fond memories of it in my younger days, as far as I remember it had a lot more third party support that any Nintendo console since, even the “only for” games had great titles and fun for everyone, just to mention one, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, a fantastic change to the usual Final Fantasy set up.

Nintendo has set a lot of gaming world staples, just to mention one, though he doesn’t need any introduction, Mario, he’s been around for so long and is so iconic throughout the gaming community, he had his own releases on the Gamecube it some amazing games, just to mention two are, Mario Kart Double Dash and Super Mario Sunshine; one a new branch on the Nintendo/Mario family tree and the other a brand new spin on a gaming classic, both of them deemed worthy of going on this under recognised console.

So basically to summarise the point I’m trying to make here, the Gamecube was a console way before its time, if it had been released today (with upgraded specs of course) it would fit in perfectly, its problem was that it was just too out there for the people of its day to appreciate, but in my eyes, its worth a gold star any day of the week.