Here Are Xbox Games With Gold Freebies For February

Another month comes to a close, and another month of Xbox’s Games With Gold comes near.  Like the inexorable seasons or the rising of the sun, we’ve got a new month of free goodies from Microsoft.

For February, the standout title is indie-favorite #IDARB, otherwise known as It Draws A Red Box.  This anarchic little game is described as “part platformer, part hockey, part fighting game, and part party game.”  The killer detail here is the 8-player local co-op. With Twitter connectivity, #IDARB’s gameplay can be affected by hashtags, allowing for truly groundbreaking spectator interactivity.

On the Xbox 360, there’s Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons from Starbreeze Studios. Brothers is a story-driven, top-down adventure through a beautiful but dangerous fictional world.  Players control two brothers who must defeat puzzles, invisible giants, and other treacherous travelers in their journey.  It’s a somber, affecting tale.  Bring tissues.

Appropriately enough, there’s also nut-shot simulator Sniper Elite V2.  Become a sniper in World War 2 who must infiltrate Nazi territory by shooting them in the most gruesome ways possible.  Line up the perfect shot and get ready for a gratuitously violent x-ray cam of death all in slow motion.

Brothers and #IDARB will be available on February 1st (a few hours from now) and on February 15th, Sniper Elite V2 will replace Brothers for the Xbox 360.