Turtle Rock Posts Monstrous, Balanced Evolve Beta Numbers

Evolve’s massive Xbox One open beta came to a close on January 19th, and Turtle Rock Studios has just released a slick, staggering infographic about the event:


So what exactly did Turtle Rock learn from all these fancy numbers then?  Well, a whole bunch of things, according to a Q&A at the bottom of a post on their site.

Turtle Rock achieved impressive balance despite the asymmetrical combat, as shown by the win percentage between hunters and monsters at an almost even split.  In the Big Alpha, for instance, that statistic was skewed– 57% for the hunters and 43% for the monsters.

The flying, ranged, “wizard-class” monster, the Kraken, was overpowered in the Big Alpha as well.  The tentacled monstrosity had a 70% win ratio, which went down to 52% in the open beta.

The third-tier monster, the stealthy Wraith, had similar issues when making her public debut in the open beta.  Her win percentage was 71.1% and many hunters called her mixture of stealth, teleportation, and decoy skills overpowered.

The open beta has helped Turtle Rock pinpoint some key areas where the Wraith needs to be tweaked for balance, which will probably come in the form of a day-one patch since Evolve has gone gold already.

Evolve drops on February 10th for the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC.

There are a ton of pre-order options which we’ve detailed here.  Check out Leviathyn’s impressions of the open beta here.