Square Enix To Reveal Mystery PS4 Game At Tokaigi

Sony has recently launched a mysterious website that appears to confirm a new PS4 game coming soon. The only problem? Nobody has any idea what it is.

Codenamed Project Code Z, the only hint is the image shown through the Z, which shows a few scenes that appear to be set in natural settings, including a forest, a cavern and what looks like an underground lagoon. What is this mysterious project? Gematsu were able to get their hands on Square Enix’s full lineup for the show, which may help narrow it down.


  • Bravely Second (3DS)
  • Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (PS4, XBO, PS3, 360, PC)
  • Divekick: Addition Edition (PS4, XBO, PC)
  • Dragon Quest X Online (Wii, Wii U, 3DS, PC)
  • Dragon Quest Monsters: Super Light (Smartphone)
  • Final Fantasy Explorers (3DS)
  • Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn (PS4, PS3, PC)
  • Lara Craft and the Temple of Osiris (PS4, XBO, PC)
  • Theatrhythm Dragon Quest (3DS)
  • New Title

Based on recent history, it’s not crazy to suggest this could simply be another mobile game, which Square Enix has been fond of lately. Tokaigi isn’t the biggest showcase in the world, so I would temper excitement for any huge reveals. Sadly, we probably won’t be hearing about a Legend of Dragoon sequel here (although a guy can hope!). I did spy a crystal in one of the few images, so my completely baseless speculation is Final Fantasy Dissidia 3. You heard it here, folks. But on a more serious note, and I’m really reaching here I know, but don’t those four images kinda look like places from Final Fantasy VII?

It could be simply the power of my own want, but I can kinda see the lake where Aerith is laid to rest, the crystal cave where Jenova is, the ancient forest and maybe the Mythril Mines? I’m probably being crazy….right?