Nintendo: Amiibo Have Sold Over 5 Million Worldwide

Everyone knows that Nintendo’s Amiibo have been a wild, runaway, surprise success, but the official sales figures are still staggering: 5.7 million worldwide, Nintendo reported on their website today.

Nintendo has created intense demand for these little plastic figures by severely limiting supply.  Characters frequently sell out of retail stores and get put up on eBay for three times their $12.99 MSRP.

Many of Nintendo’s most iconic characters have gotten the Amiibo treatment, from certain Pokemon all the way to standards like Mario and Kirby.  It’s a brilliant move for a company with so many instantly-recognizable characters.

Amiibo are more than just collectible figurines though– each one has a NFC (near field communication) chip in its base that can communicate with both the 3DS and Wii U. Unlike Skylanders or Disney Infinity, however, Amiibo functionality varies wildly depending on the game being played.

In Hyrule Warriors, use the Link Amiibo to score a special weapon.  In Super Smash Brothers, make your Amiibo your own upgradeable sparring partner.  The list of compatible games is still relatively small, but it’s already grown rapidly since their November release.

The newest set of figures will hit shelves on March 20th.  There will be six Mario Party-themed Amiibo to celebrate the series’ upcoming tenth entry.