Meet Dragan: PAYDAY 2’s New Heister

Making his grand début in The Bomb Heists DLC trailer, the new character pack for Dragan recently released on Steam at the same time as The Bomb Heists. He first appeared in the trailer for the newly released DLC in which he referred to himself as 45 year old Croatian Mr Zubovic.
Like other characters Dragan comes with a unique set of weapons and a  rather swanky orange suit. In Dragan’s case we gain access to his signature weapons ‘The Lion’s Roar’ and ‘LEO’, a brand new helping of custom assault rifle and pistol.


Dragan’s background mentions that he used to be a corrupt Interpol agent and manipulated both sides of the law to further his own agenda. Dragan’s luck, however, came to an end after betraying his former partner in the agency for a chance at a new identity and a place in the notorious PAYDAY gang.

The addition of the law-enforcer turned thief brings the character roster of PAYDAY 2 up to 7 unique heisters with the original cast of PAYDAY and new characters John Wick and Clover joining in 2014. As if the character selection wasn’t varied enough, the options for jobs and heists seem never ending and there are now more masks than you can possibly throw away for woe of a sweaty face.

Players can purchase Dragan for £3.99 on Steam in addition to The Bomb Heists DLC for £4.99 to bring another couple of hours to your PAYDAY 2 playtime.