The Witness Has Finished All Its Puzzles

Full disclosure: Braid is one of my favorite games of all time. Creator Jonathan Blow and his team at Thekla have been hard at work on their follow-up game The Witness, and it achieved a big milestone today. The team has officially created every puzzle that is going to be in the game. Blow did have some cautionary words for those who are getting low on patience however:

It does *not* mean that the game is done. We still have a lot to do! But it *does* mean that the nature of the work changes and becomes simpler, because we don’t have to be making high-level creative decisions any more.

Hey, it’s progress, and I’ll take it!  According to the official blog, the game contains 677 puzzles right now, although some may be cut before the final release. There is still some front-end work to be done on the story and menu design, but if you are as anxious as I am to get your hands on this (as our own Chris Kochon did at PlayStation Experience) any news is good news from the tight-lipped team.

One interesting tidbit from the blog: Blow noted that the game will almost certainly not get a physical release. Said Blow:

“We have no plans right now for a physical copy of The Witness. I did that with Braid and it was a disaster. I know it’s cool to have a physical package of a game but there aren’t any plans for this at the current time. Maybe that will change shortly after release, I dunno!”

Sad to hear for some, but I had planned on a digital release anyway. Any of you out there disappointed in the lack of a physical release, or simply as excited as I am about The Witness? Leave us a comment with your thoughts!