Sony Files New Trademark For Resistance

In what may be a harbinger of things to come, Sony Europe has filed a trademark request for the Resistance series today. One of the launch titles for the PS3, the original Resistance, developed by Insomniac Games, spawned a fairly successful series for Sony, but after some middling sequels to the successful first entry, has tapered off recently.  The most recent entry in the series was Resistance; Burning SKies, released in 2012 for the Vita, while the main series has seen a release since 2011’s Resistance 3.

In late 2012, Sony did release the Resistance collection, which bundled up the three main titles along with a smattering of DLC, but it isn’t what we would call a remaster set, it was more of a simple re-release. Considering the popularity of these remastered collection, it’s possible that this trademark could point that way. We also know that Insomniac won’t be developing any more games in the series. Which leaves us with basically three options: We are getting a remastered collection (which would hopefully include the spin-off titles), Insomniac is handing the reigns to a new developer for a new game, or Sony is simply re-upping their trademark so they don’t lose it.

Personally, I’m hoping for the first one. The Resistance franchise isn’t exactly filled with interesting lore, so personally I don’t know how exciting a new title in the series would be. A remastered edition, assuming it bundled all three main titles along with the mobile spin-offs Retribution and Burning Skies, would make a lot of sense, and could conceivably work as a “testing the waters” model for a potential sequel.

It’s all speculation at this point however, so what do you think? Would you like to see a new game in the Resistance universe, or a possible remastered collection? Leave us a comment with your thoughts.