Books And Films That Would Make Epic Videogames.

Over the past year or two I’ve read a couple of books and watched a couple of films that personally I think would make epic videogames, through this article I will list a few of each and why I think they would be perfect for the conversion.

So to start off I’ll just give a few examples of books that I think could make awesome conversions into the video game world, starting with this one.

  • The demon cycle book one, The painted man (The warded man US version)

This series of books is about a race of people that fear the night due to the creatures that come along with it, it follows several characters POV (Point Of View) through their trails and trepidations as they evolve and grow into fierce fighters, budding saviours and gather their courage to reach new goals. The book in particular I’m mentioning follows a young boy through adolescence as he grows into something completely different fuelled by the loss of a loved one due to the creatures of the night; he heads out on a quest to  find the evil creatures weaknesses and claim his revenge. I suggest you all try and find the time to read the book and I’m more than positive you will all agree with me on the fact that it would easily make the cross over into the gaming community.

  • The Twilight Angel Trilogy (all of these books together would make an epic series of games to fill the cold nights of winter)

This fantasy trilogy is an amazing piece of literature following one boys rise from the gutter into a super assassin taken under the wing of the greatest assassin of an age gone by, its full of magical brilliance and clever trickery that can lead the reader to think one thing to just have another thrust upon them. It has amazing fight scenes which could easily be put to video game media and could quite easily be a number one seller for who ever would take on this amazing series.

  • The Lightbringer Series

This is a series that follows another couple of POV’s, mostly following a man that goes by the title ‘The black Prism’. The use of the spectrum’s of light is the main focus of this series, separating light into its base colours and using them as both weapons and crafting materials as chosen, each colour of light has a different use and purpose, and they can be used for some amazing and scary things. If anyone has ever read this series you will know exactly what I mean when i say this would make a thrilling game with so much potential.

Now I will move on to a few films that I think would make rather epic games.

  • Cloverfield

Cloverfield is a kind of Godzilla movie which has an amateur camera prospective throughout the film, the main plot of the film is that something is terrorizing New York and the group that we follow is trying to find and rescue one of their friends; this leads them through the streets whilst the monster is still in the midst of its attack. As with the Godzilla movie of 1998 this film has a very action packed play through, battles with monster spawn and evasion of the main monster itself, it lends itself nicely to the gaming world with its sense of adventure and it being packed with moments for you to sink your teeth into. So this in my opinion would make an epic videogame.

  • Hancock

This film, featuring Will Smith, is a slight twist on your generic super hero movie, basically, he is a run down hero that doesn’t know how to use his powers in the right way and in his best attempts always ends up making a situation worse, he tries to improve his image throughout the film and somewhat gains the trust of the people he ends up helping, I wont give anything away but there are plot twist throughout the film that would make this a rather entertaining game and that’s why its on my list.

and finally.

  • The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Most of you may be surprised to see this on a list of films that could make epic games, but i will try to explain my ideas on it.
This film starts with a stranded couple who’s car has broken down and they go to a nearby house hoping for assistance, and while that sounds rather normal for the start of any film, what is to follow is not just weird, but in some ways horrific, sick and just plain wrong, but all that said it wouldn’t be the amazing film it is if it wasn’t for all that.  The house that the couple turn up at belongs to a Dr Frank N. Furter, a rather weird and eccentric, Cross dressing scientist (like I said, plain wrong). His house is littered with staff that equal his madness and eccentricity, all of which play some part in the story that unfolds. I can’t really go into too much detail about the film for risk of giving away vital plot lines to those out there who haven’t had the pleasure of viewing it for themselves, but I advise that everyone who fits into the appropriate age rating go out and see this film and see for yourselves first hand why this would make an epic game. It has death, action, music and a whole lot of weird stuff going on, it would make a fun horror/adventure game, completing missions for each of the residents in the house to get to the end goal and possibly get the assistance that the couple originally needed, but who knows where they will end up or what they will end up doing, that my friends, is the fun thing about videogames, you never know what’s going to happen until its too late!

Well there we go, Books and Films that in my opinion would make epic videogames, if you agree or disagree with what I have suggested then let me know in a comment, if you think I missed something, the same applies, but for now, go find the books and films i suggested and give them a look at, I don’t think you’ll be dissappointed.