The Bard’s Tale IV Is Happening

The Bard’s Tale is the grand-daddy of CRPG dungeon-crawlers, and the series is getting another entry soon.  The Bard’s Tale IV was announced via this tweet from creator Brian Fargo earlier today:


Brian Fargo, of course, is one of the developers at Interplay responsible for The Bard’s Tale series.  There isn’t much in the way of details, but Game Informer reports that “the game will feature modern day approaches to graphics, sound, and design.”  That’s a good thing for us, because the original 1985 title forced players to map out the dungeons on graph paper.

The Bard’s Tale IV will be a single-player PC adventure like it’s predecessors, and not anything like that one with Cary Elwes in 2004.  As much as we like to lament the fact that modern games are too easy, there’s a big market for tough, old-school games (From Software’s Souls series comes to mind).  If this newest installment can capture that sweet spot between analog obtuseness and modern sensibilities like in-game maps, it could perform well.

Thankfully, Fargo has plenty of experience bringing old franchises back from the dead. Last year’s Wasteland 2 was the crowdfunded sequel to Interplay’s 1988 apocalyptic adventure Wasteland.

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