DayZ Has Sold 3 Million Copies In Early Access

Just in time for the one year anniversary of standalone DayZ Steam Early Access, Bohemia Interactive has some big news: the still-in-development title has reached 3 million sales.

The figures are coming straight from Bohemia Interactive’s blog, which also goes on to promise more updates and content as time goes by.  There are currently 24 updates in the live game, and many more to come.  The team at Bohemia even has plans to update the entire game engine.  Talk about developer support.

Additionally, the team has expanded to 80 people.  Like one of the marginalized walking corpses the game is named for, the hunble ARMA 2 mod has truly taken on a life of its own.  This anarchy simulator has a rabidly devoted fanbase, and has spawned many imitators in the likes of fellow Steam Early Access H1Z1 and controversial The War Z.

3 million sales is impressive on its own, but that number takes on even more significance when you consider that DayZ isn’t even finished yet.  The game is still on Steam Early Access, which means that the game’s still being developed, with help and inspiration from the very same community that’s playing it.

DayZ isn’t the only success story from Steam Early Access, but it’s certainly a good indicator of what benefits the system gives to players and developers alike.

There are no solid details yet other than an announcement, but DayZ creator Dean Hall has confirmed that a console version is on the way.

Some day.

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