Console Wars?

Why are there such a thing as console wars? In my opinion there should be no war. Gaming is a media for gamers to unite under, gamers can always get a long with other gamers no matter what console, games or genre they enjoy playing, so to try and stick a divide between them with the so called console wars is beyond me, I know it’s all about money and trying to get more money than their competitors but I don’t know why they don’t team up and truly unite the gaming community.

The three big competitors in the console wars, Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo, between them they release a ton of games a year, some exclusive and some across the board. Excluding some of the spec differences, the three competitors consoles don’t differ too much, so for me, I think they should all team up and produce one ‘super computer’ which covers all the games that come out across the board of the separate consoles and games that come out every year; it would cut out the divide between Xbox users and Playstation users especially as it seems to always be those two pushing for bigger and better in the console wars and trying to destroy their opposition.

There are always slight differences within games when they are split amongst the consoles. Some have better graphics, some have extra achievements and some just subtly change bits within the game for what appears to me to have no purpose. If there was only one console being worked on by the big three companies out there then the graphics, game play, and over all feel would be so much better and cleaner and more in depth for the gamers. Everyone would be playing the same consoles and games as their friends, everyone would be paying the same price for the console and games and the gaming community would be so much happier and more united. The specs would be uniform across the board for everyone and the games would be so much more detailed and in-depth, more focused towards what the gamers want, with so many more and talented designers working together on one project would improve the quality on everything that gets released.

As far as furthering the business of a singular company goes, it would benefit everyone. All of the profits would be split 3 or so ways (Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo) and that would grant them the opportunity to put even more money and effort into future projects. If there was to be one of the three big companies benefiting more than the others I would have to say it would more than likely be Nintendo, they don’t currently get much third party support and tend to have to rely on exclusive games to their consoles and for some that is a good thing and it keeps their fan base happy and gives them what they want, but they are losing out on other games and gamers that come with third party support which would be a moot point if there was the aforementioned ‘super console’.

To summarize, I personally don’t like the term console wars when I really don’t think there should be such a thing. If everyone worked together and united their strengths they could be something spectacular and wonderful, and that in my eyes, is what gaming should be all about.

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