DC’s Vixen coming to CW Seed

With the recent news of renewals for Arrow and The Flash among other series, it’s a good time to be a fan of the CWs shared Superhero universe. The only thing that could make things any better is the addition of another superhero…oh wait! That’s exactly what the CW has in store for their digital-only network “CW Seed,” with an animated series starring DC Superheroine Vixen, taking place in the same universe as both The Flash and Arrow.

Vixen, (a.k.a. Mari Jiwe McCabe) hails from Africa (Zambesi, to be exact,) and has the ability to tap into the “Morphogentic Field” commonly referred to as “The Red.” The Red is a field that connects all animal life (think The Force, but just for animals, in DC Comics.) Using her ability to tap into The Red, Vixen can use the attributes of any animal, including mythological beasts and animals long-since extinct. (Fun Fact: Beast Boy and Animal Man also draw their powers from The Red.) Meaning she can gain the speed of a cheetah, the ability to breath underwater like a fish, and even fly like a hawk.

An interesting choice for a number of reasons. Vixen isn’t exactly a mainstream hero, despite originally being planned as the first African female lead in a series. Her original appearance in the Justice League of America (although most referred to this particular team as Justice League Detroit,) is probably best forgotten by most comic fans.

However, there are a number of positives and interesting developments that could come out of a Vixen series. Vixen of course, offers a much-welcome breath of diversity to the CWVerse, in terms of their heroes. Not only that, but that a character as obscure as Vixen would be selected means that their may be hope for several other characters most of us would have forgotten about. Who’s to say Hawkman, Zatanna, Sandman, or Red Tornado couldn’t be on the list of heroes CW is interested in. Again, probably all long shots…but so was Vixen. A little hope never hurt nobody, right?

Maybe Hawkgirl and/or Vigilante could get their own series.

Maybe Hawkgirl and/or Vigilante could get their own series.

In a time where it’s not uncommon for DC to have several irons in the fire as far as television goes, an animated feature certainly is something different. Even more curious is the decision to place it in the more grounded universe of Arrow and to a lesser extent, The Flash. It is a possibility that should the series perform well as an animated series or mini-series, Vixen could find herself in the flesh standing alongside Oliver Queen and Barry Allen.

Regardless, as has been said, Vixen’s selection for a series of her own series is something special. It may not be opening doors for any obscure character, but it’s certainly unlocked them.