New Nintendo 3DS Hits Stores In February

After early reports arose that Nintendo’s New 3DS would be coming soon, Nintendo jumped ahead of schedule and announced an exact date during today’s Nintendo Direct. Nintendo has announced that the New 3DS will be available in North America starting February 13th.

It is a bit of a unique situation though. For starters, all that was shown was the XL model, with no news of any possible smaller systems (until the inevitable redesigns start coming around anyway). This means that, at least for now, you will be stuck with the color you choose, which right now include New Red and New Black (is that orange? I’m now confused). Some of the improvements you can expect are eye-tracking for improved 3D effects, an enhanced analog C-stick, near-field communications for Amiibos, and exclusive games. That may not be a positive for everybody, but for people who invest in the New 3DS, it may help justify their purchase further.

Curiously, Nintendo is not including an AC adapter with the system, although their propensity for having cross-compatible parts (as well as a loyal fanbase who already owns other Nintendo systems) should mean that not many people will be left with a dead New 3DS. The feeling I’ve got is that some people are a bit irritated by the seemingly superfluous nature of the New 3DS (while at the same time bemoaning the new exclusive features), but only time will tell if the complaints are legitimate. I see why the idea of the new system’s exclusive games could put off early 3DS adopters, but this really isn’t anything we haven’t seen before.

We will keep you updated on the New 3DS as details arise.