Evolve Big Alpha Impressions 2

Evolve Gets A Season Pass And Deluxe Edition

Evolve has gone gold and that means we get to talk about post-launch plans for 2K’s latest alien-shooting venture.  Game Informer has the details about a deluxe edition, a season pass, and other goodies.

Turtle Rock has plans for at least two more monsters (check out the Behemoth here) and four more hunters (one of each class).  Buy the season pass, and you’ll get the additional hunters and the fourth monster for a cool $24.99.  The characters can be individually purchased for $7.49.

The Deluxe edition is available digitally and includes the retail game, the first five DLC characters (four hunters and the Behemoth), three magma skins for the retail monsters, and the additional savage Goliath skin.  This will cost $79.99.

For those players of the PC persuasion, you can snag the PC Monster Race Edition for the breezy sum of $99.99.  This will net you the retail game, the season pass (the five new characters detailed above) and the four monster skins.  If all that wasn’t enough, you’ll also get the unreleased fifth monster– which was just announced today.

Thankfully, 2k is doing DLC right by not locking anyone out of matches if they decide not to shell out for it.  All post-retail maps will be completely free, and DLC and retail characters can play together no matter what.

All of this pre-order and DLC swag stands completely separate from the Xbox One pre-purchase bonus, which automatically unlocks the third-tier hunters and monster for the open beta and retail game.

The open beta kicks off January 15th and will run until the 19th.  The retail game launches on February 10th.  Read Leviathyn’s impressions of the Big Alpha here.

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