2015: The Year Of The “Horror” Gamer? Part 1


2014 was a year of, well, a bit disappointment for me in terms of video games that would leave one jumpy when walking the streets late at night. That’s right I’m talking horror games. One may argue that I’m not a fan of horror so I can’t be objective to which I simply say I am quite objective on this topic. Especially considering the very first video game I ever played was the very first Doom game (even before I played pinball on pc, true story). And with 2015 looming ahead of me, promising a healthy dose of horror and zombie filled sleepless nights I decided to do what almost everyone else with higher cognitive activity would do; write a list about it! So here we go


Outlast 2 (Red Barrels)

Outlast_Screen 2

Crazy noises in a dark asylum. Like I haven’t seen that one.

I got a passing chance at Outlast 2’s predecessor and admit I was impressed. This time around, I’m hoping the first person horror game delivers with more dark corners and crazies hidden (not for long) within the walls of the Mount Massive Asylum. I know what I want for my birthday and this just may be one, though I’ll have to wait, the games release date has yet to be confirmed.

Release: TBC 2015

Human Element(Robotoki)

Zombie or human... which is worse?

Zombie or human… which is worse?

Which is the greater threat in a zombie apocalypse? That’s what the developers at Robotoki were asking when they worked on Human Element, their latest zombie apocalypse survivor game. Much like the Walking Dead, the focus seems to be on the human threat more than the usually almost innumerable zombies. This makes for a refreshing dynamic for myself. Not that I don’t like a horde of zombie football fans chasing after my tasty flesh. Okay maybe I don’t ‘favor’ that situation.

Release: November 2015

Until Dawn(Supermassive Games)

Until Dawn

Who said dark, creepy cabins in the woods are a bad idea?

I have loved teen slashers since, well, since I became a teen myself. Mostly i liked laughing at the stupid way in which they interacted with one another, calling out to the guy walking around with a machete (like asking him if he wants a toasted sandwich is a good idea). Getting to play one of these kids in Supermassive Games’ adventure survival horror may just be the best idea yet. I for one will be keeping my sandwiches to myself this tome around

Release: Summer 2015

H1Z1 (Sony Online Entertainment)


A view so beautiful. it’s to die for.

Like zombie post-apocalyptic zombie wilderness and games scarier that the Walking Dead? Then lest be friends. Seriously thought, H1Z1 is an MMO that delivers just that. Aptly named and up for early access alpha release on Steam, this is one that jumped out when I started my list even though it is online.

Release: 15 January 2015

Day Z(Bohemia interactive)

Day Z

Why isn’t this an official public holiday yet?

Pretty much the same as H1Z1, Day Z in an MMO open world survival horror and is aptly named too. This time out however, it will be hitting PS4 gamers in the face and savoring every second of it. Keep an eye out for this one, even if the wait will be long. At least you’ll have H1Z1 to keep you relatively sane.

Release: Q3, 2015

That’s it for now. I know, some titles are missing but they’ll be in part two of my super horror list of 2015 (and to be honest, I was running out of snappy captions). So keep an eye out for the rest of the list. I promise it will be horrifying.


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