Supergiant Games Posts Giant Sales Numbers

Bastion and Transistor are two very popular titles from developer Supergiant Games, and some of the most beloved in the indie scene.  Adored by myself and the vast majority of the industry, Supergiant now has the numbers to back it up. According to a post on their blog, Bastion has sold over 3 million copies and Transistor has sold over 600,000.

Back in the summer of 2011, Bastion was a tiny game from a then-unknown studio.  It took the indie scene by storm with evocative visuals, action-packed gameplay, and its dynamic narrator.  The title was an acclaimed indie darling, but Bastion had longevity and word-of- mouth too– Supergiant says that the game continued to sell strong “months after the game first came out on Xbox 360 and PC.”

Supergiant proved that they were no one-hit-wonder with the release of their second game, Transistor.  The title dropped in May of 2014 and improved on Bastion while still managing to remain a distinct, separate experience.  The combat is more methodical, and there’s a deep and rewarding skill system buried under the cyberpunk aesthetic.  In less than a year, Transistor has sold 600,000 copies.  The game is well on it’s way to hitting Bastion’s numbers, especially if it’s released on as many platforms.

For now, the fine folks at Supergiant are “working together to figure out what’s next.”

For my thoughts on Transistor, click here.  Make sure you keep an eye out for when Bastion comes to the Playstation 4 some time this year.

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