Throwback Thursday: Gravitation

It’s been a little bit, but it’s that time of the week again where we all break out the old photos and (in my case,) music and when it comes to music, I’m not ashamed to admit I’m a fan of some very off-beat groups. One such group is the subject of an anime called Gravitation, Centering on a new band called Bad Luck, and more closely the trials and tribulations of lead singer and song Shuichi Shindo as he tries to balance becoming one of the hottest commodities in the music world and his growing love and subsequent relationship with his typically ice-cold boyfriend Eiri Yuki, a romance novelist and celebrity in his own right.

Along with them, are Shuichi’s best friend and guitarist for Bad Luck; Hiroshi Tanaho, Suguru Fujisaki; brought in as the band’s keyboard player, the band’s manager; Claude Winchester, and Ryuichi Sakuma; Shuichi’s idol and lead singer of the legendary “Nittle Grasper.” These and many other characters all play parts throughout the story, both minor and major in helping both Eiri and Shuichi with their relationship and in Shuichi’s professional career–not always on his behest or with his permission.


A blast from the past from the year 2000 to 2001, Gravitation is a series that can be pretty packed, and much like any real relationship, the characters in the series go through a lot of real emotional struggle and not every episode ends on a happy note. For us emotional types, it’s just the sort of story that keeps you wondering what’s going to happen next. Even if you’re not particularly interested in Shojo or especially Yaoi, Gravitation isn’t so shallow that there’s not a little more for people, especially from the other characters.

At 13 episodes, the show isn’t all that long, and something you could probably knock out in a week if you really wanted to, (though I think a few episodes would make you wanna take a break before picking back up again.) Big ups to the music, as both Bad Luck and Nittle Grasper play some pretty catchy music throughout many episodes. If you’re not entirely cool with a little guy/guy action some scenes may make you a little uncomfortable, but I urge pushing through if you want a deep story that has some real feel-good moments that are well worth persevering for.

At the very least, there are some solid songs throughout that really do take you out of the story for a minute, but in a good way. In the same way you feel the characters lose themselves on stage, it’s almost like watching a music video yourself. So, if you’re a fan of J-Pop/Rock, yaoi, general Shojo themes, Gravitation is a solid series to look into and short so if you just wanna introduce some of these themes to a person, this is a fine series to do it.

With that in mind, I’ll leave you with a bit from one of the episodes where they shot the music video for “Blind Game Again.” Enjoy!

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