Pre-Purchase Evolve On Xbox One And Avoid Grinding

Publisher 2k Games and Microsoft have been pushing Evolve hard for the last few months.  According to the game’s website, there’s even more incentive to pre-purchase the game for Xbox One: automatically unlock the third-tier hunters and monster (the Wraith).

It’s important to note here that “pre-purchase” is not the same thing as “pre-order.”  Pre-purchasing is buying the game directly from the Xbox games store.  Pre-ordering is done through retailers, and comes with a different set of rewards.

Xbox One users who pre-purchase before or during the upcoming Evolve open beta on the 15th will have instant access to the content.  This access is for both the beta and the retail version of the game.  Normally, players would progress by leveling up weapons for the first tier of hunters to unlock the second tier and so forth.  With this pre-order bonus, players can skip that ridiculous process and have all the options from day 1.

For the Xbox One beta, the first two tiers of hunters and the Goliath and Kraken monsters will be available to play in “Hunt” mode.  The beta is open to all Xbox Live Gold Members.  Additionally, any hunters or monsters you unlock will carry over into the retail version.

On the PC and Playstation 4, there will be a smaller “closed technical test” that’s available for participants of the Big Alpha.  Nothing you unlock will carry over into retail.

All pre-orders and pre-purchases will receive the Monster Expansion Pack.  This includes the Savage Goliath Skin and the fourth monster character “as soon as it’s available.”

Turtle Rock Studios announced yesterday that the game has gone gold as well.  This is an industry term that just means the game is officially finished and ready to be put on discs for release.

Read our impressions of the Big Alpha here, and check out Evolve’s cinematic trailer below: