Ignore Goofy, Kingdom Hearts 3 Release Date Unannounced

There are many, many gamers that are hanging on every last detail announced for the long-awaited Kingdom Hearts 3. Sadly for all of us that aren’t happy enough that Final Fantasy (Versus XIII) XV actually exists, Kingdom Hearts 3’s release date remains officially unannounced:

Square Enix’s tweet today contradicts a now-deleted tweet made by Goofy’s voice actor Bill Farmer yesterday:


Above is Farmer’s response yesterday to a question about voice acting for Kingdom Hearts 3, in which he claims the game is scheduled for release “later this year.”

The internet, known for rational, deliberate decisions, took this tweet to heart.  Square Enix, as they are wont to do, was then forced to swoop in and crush everyone’s hopes and dreams.

The long-lost Final Fantasy XV does not have a release date either, so it wouldn’t seem very likely for Kingdom Hearts 3’s to be announced first.  FFXV is much farther along in the development process, with a demo coming soon for those who purchase Final Fantasy Type-0 HD.

Check out the latest Kingdom Hearts 3 footage here, and Final Fantasy XV footage here.

[Tweet photo credit: Gamespot]

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