Nyko’s Data Bank Add-on Lets You Upgrade PS4 HDD

Anyone who is afraid of the  trend of gigantic, mandatory console installs will be happy to learn that Nyko has just announced their Data Bank add-on for the Playstation 4.  This device is as ugly as it is useful, giving users the ability to swap in their own 3.5 inch hard drives for use as internal storage.

3.5 inch hard drives are designed for use in desktop computers, while the smaller, 2.5 inch cousins are more rare and used mostly in laptops (and the Playstation 4).  The larger form factors are cheaper and boast more storage, so upgrading the console’s 500 gigabyte hard drive will be pretty cost-effective.  It’s simple– buy a bigger, cheaper, faster 3.5 inch hard drive and the Data Bank will allow you to use it as internal storage for your Playstation 4.

An LED strip on Nyko’s Data Bank will light up when the storage is being accessed by your Playstation 4.  You won’t have to be a gearhead, either– Nyko claims the process will be a “one-screw” affair.

There’s currently no price or solid release date.  Expect the Data Bank to ship in “the first half of 2015.”

Another Nyko accessory coming out in that release window is the Type Pad, a keyboard peripheral that attaches to the Dualshock 4 controller.

The device is a miniature QWERTY keyboard that rests in between the two analog sticks.  Features include an analog nub and a “.com” button for the large amount of people that use the internet.

[Source: Polygon]

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